"Recipe for Karkinos Bisque" is one of the Easter Egg letters in the game, which can be dropped by all kinds of monsters. The letters contain personal problems or stories.

4 living Karkinosi

1 Salt Spitter turtle, chopped

2 Cybe mushrooms, sauteed

5 quarts demon's blood

2 sticks of butter

Heat demon's blood and butter over Carved Fire Staff to 300 degrees. Do not use Earth Enchantment or similar enhancements, as the arcane energies from these skills will cause congealing. Stir in turtle. Keep heat at 300 degrees, stir occasionally. When mixture has turned a pale mucous-green, add mushrooms and Karkinosi. The Karkinosi will squirm and attempt to kill you as you thrust them into the bubbling mixture, but do not let this bother you - causing pain to monsters is what heroes are born to do.

Once the death struggles have ceased, lower heat. Let simmer for 3 hours. Serve and enjoy!

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