"Report from the Front" is one of the Easter Egg letters in the game, which can be dropped by all of monsters. The letters contain personal problems or stories.

"Such sweet music, the wailing of men.

The siege continues, My Lord. My blade cuts through their soldiers like a scythe through wheat. I feast upon thier sorrow, their despair. We have taken the Styx and the Tower of Judgement, and even the fields of Elysium themselves have begun to fall. They send their greatest heroes, man of legends, yet they are no match for the power of your armies. We fall upon them like locusts upon the field, ripping their very souls from existence. Not even the comfort of death awaits those foolish enough to oppose us.

Soon, our dominance shall be complete. You shall hold the world of living in the palm of your hand, a bauble for your amusement. I pray to Your Eminence for that day to come, pray for the day when the death can stop -- and the torture begin."

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