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Reptilians are a type of monsters encountered in most wetland areas throughout Egypt (Act II). They look like giant humanoid crocodiles and belong to the Beastman category. They have strong attacks and a good defense, but are slow.

The better variants get to wear their own type of armor, Reptilian Mantles (body armor) and Reptilian Crests (arm protection). Both require strength to use.

Variants Edit

  • Soldiers are the basic melee fighters. They don't wear any body armor and wield weapons like swords and axes.
  • Centurions are melee fighters wielding a charged spear and capable of fast attacks. They always wear body armor.
  • Overseers are magic users with powerful ranged attacks. They always wear body armor.

The Centurions and Overseers also come in a more powerful Hulking variety.

Heroes Edit

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