Sandqueen Masika (boss).


Sandqueen Masika - Desert Hag Hero.

Sandqueen Masika was a Desert Hag hero in the original Titan Quest. She has grown in power in the Anniversary Edition and is now a boss that can be found on Sobek Plateau. She appears to have an unusually high chance to drop a Hag's Skin charm fragment (about 90%) and is arguably it's best source as there is a rebirth fountain not that far on the way to Memphis.

Useful resistances include Fire, Skill Disruption and Slow, however she's not a difficult enemy and can be defeated even with no resistances at all. She has a few abilities, though none of them poses an actual threat.

  • Fire Blast - a small explosion of fire that will deal continuous burn damage, nothing drastic, but without decent fire resistance the effects are noticeable if you don't move out of it.
  • Flame Surge - the same skill that the Earth Mastery offers, a simple fire wave that deals low damage.
  • Sandstorm - damage, slow and skill disruption.

She can also summon Desert Hags (one at a time).

As a hero monster Edit

In the original Titan Quest Sandqueen Masika was a hero monster and could spawn in several zones in Act II where Desert Hags can be found, like Wadjet Canyons, Nile Floodplain, Memphis Outskirts, The Upper Nile or Thebes Outskirts.

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