A Shrine of Thorns in the desert.

Shrines are objects that will give a temporary buff or a instant benefit when clicked. The effect always lasts for 60 seconds and buffs are also shown near the character's portrait to the top left. Despite the visualized area effect, most shrines only affect the hero, but not the pets.

The positions, where shrines could appear, are fixed. However, the type of shrine is often generated randomly when (re)loading the game and there's no guarantee that a shrine will appear at all.

The first shrines found are within the Satyr Shamans camp, north of the starting town Helos. They are either healing or regeneration type shrines, supposed to assist in the first 'boss battle'.

Types of shrines Edit

  • Battle Marker (orange). Drastically improves attack speed and damage dealt.
  • Shrine of Experience (white). Killing monsters yields additional experience.
  • Shrine of Frostbite (blue). Adds cold and frostburn damage to attacks. The frostburn effect also slows targets down, if they have no or low cold resistance.
  • Shrine of Health (red). Fully restores health of the hero, but not of his minions.
  • Shrine of Regeneration (pink). Creates an aura around the shrine, which lasts for 60 seconds and quickly regenerates health of the hero and his minions.
  • Shrine of Mastery (yellow). Increases all skills with at least one skill point spent in by +4. Pets need to be recast to profit from the enhanced skill levels.
  • Shrine of Thorns (green). Deals minor bleeding damage to melee attackers.