Sprites are one of the first Demons seen in Act III. They are very small creatures that do little but pester the hero, but in numbers and with the presence of a Djinn or another bigger demon they can overwhelm. They are most easily compared to the Euronymus of Greece and Egypt, aside from the fact that they deal elemental damage.

They come in a couple of different types, associated with the elements. They only appear as the player gets closer to them, sprouting up in either fire or a chunk of ice.

 Sprite VariantsEdit

  • Fire Sprite: First encountered in the Temple of Marduk, fire variants of the Sprites and the weakest of the few.
  • Magma Sprite: Stronger cousin of the Fire Sprite.
  • Ice Sprite: First encountered in one of the ice caves, ice variants of the Sprites and slightly stronger than the Fire Sprites
    Stronger cousin of the Ice Sprite.

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