Sleepy Talos


Talos is just a much larger automatoi. He is big, tough, ugly, and mean. He has a variety of ways to kill you, but he is extremely slow, which gives you options. He only appears on epic and legendary. He is located in the Knossos Palace.


Talos can shoot fire out of his hand, which does a massive amount of damage. He can also create a ring of lightning. He can also stun you by smacking you hard.


Important resistances:

  • Fire
  • Stun
  • Lightning

It is not easy to avoid the fire attack, as he casts it extremely quickly and it has a huge AOE. Therefore, you should get fire resistance to 80% and take it. Stun resistance is important, bring it to 60-80%, because otherwise he will cast his lightning attack and kill you while you're stunned. Get lightning resistance if you are able, as his lightning ring is quite strong. However, it is very easy to avoid. When he slowly raises his foot, he is about to stomp and cast it. So you can run away whenever he raises his foot.