The Family Heirloom is the first side quest received in Egypt (Act II). It is given by Anherru, a guard in the first city, Rhakotis. He requests the player to bring back an old family sword he had lost during the recent battles.

The item, the Family Sword of Anherru, is dropped by a Jackalman hero located somewhere in the second part of the Slums of Rhakotis (after the Rebirth Fountain). Actually there are several possible locations, where the hero monster can be encoutered.

Note: Due to a bug the game sometimes fails to create the hero monster holding the quest item. To solve this problem, return to the main menu and reload the game to have the game respawn all monsters.

“Note:” Another bug on the iOS version may put the sword back in your inventory. Since the quest has been completed, you can’t re-return it. It can be dropped from inventory.

Reward: 6000 Experience, random Relic Shard