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The Lower Nile is a region in Egypt (Act II) and you'll get here after leaving the Village of Sais and it's destroyed Temple of Ptah behind you. Following the Nile to the north-west to get to the Memphis Outskirts. The side quest A Promethean Surrounded is found and completed here.


  • Inen - Order of Prometheus Mage


There are two large ruins within this region called Old Kingdom Ruins. They are infested with undead and within both you'll find an entrance to a tomb. The tombs are optional, but contain lots of treasure containers.

To the north-west you'll meet a woman named Inen, member of the Order of Prometheus, surrounded by Dune Raiders. Kill the monsters and talk to her to complete the side quest A Promethean Surrounded.

Monsters Edit

In the Old Kingdom Ruins

In the Mysterious Tomb (West)

In the Mysterious Tomb (East)

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