The Stolen Sigil
Vital statistics
Start Semele - Headmistress
Prerequisites n/a
Level ~32
Location Ixian Woods, Medea's Grove
Rewards Powerful staff, 30000 experience
Previous Next
n/a n/a

Medea's headmistress, Semele, is greatly distressed. It appears she was ambushed by formicids, who stole an item called the 'Sigil of the First Apoktisis' from her. It sounds as if this is a talisman of some power and importance. There must be a formicid colony nearby. Retrieve the Sigil.


Talk to Semele in Medea's Grove to receive the quest. Then head north through some woods into the Ampelian Caves. In the north-east corner, you will encounter the Formicid Queen Ycht'ssk'l, and can retrieve the sigil once she is downed. Return it to Semele to receive your reward.

Rewards Edit

  • 30,000 Experience (normal). 75,000 Experience (epic)
  • a random Powerful Staff