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A Patchfix for the Fanpatch 1.17 has been released by Malgardian/spectre.
More at or (German). (07-06-2012)


Rogue Hunting Storm Nature Earth
Rogue Hunting Storm Nature Earth
Spirit Defense Warfare Dream Runes
Spirit Defense Warfare Dream Runes

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The TQ Wiki is currently undergoing an update and lots of new stuff has been added in the past few weeks. However, there's still some content missing here and we'd like to welcome you to help wherever you can.

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  • Masteries / Skills: Many skills are still lacking a proper description. Character guides are also welcome.
  • Monsters: Lots of monsters have been added in the past few weeks, but some of the articles are still missing or incomplete.
  • Combat: Some new stuff here, but alot is still missing, including damage types, resistances, OA/DA/critical hits background and information on weapon types, amongst other things.
  • Strategies & Guides: Combining masteries and/or skills, fighting bosses, farming relics, charms, monster infrequents, other items.
  • Screenshots: Much is still missing here, including region maps, important locations, skills in use, monsters, and others. A list of articles lacking images can be found here.

Featured Creature


The Yerren are Beastman creatures encountered in the Orient. Their warriors move very fast and can be dangerous in numbers - especially when accompanied by a Yerren hero. Read more...

Latest Versions

Titan Quest 1.30 / 1.3
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne 1.1
Fanpatch 1.17a + Patchfix for Fanpatch 1.17

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