Toxeus the Murderer (a skeleton Hero) has a unique form in Secret Passage (also known as Overlord's Passage) in Act IV. He is one of the most skilled Mini-Boss in the game, who wield a sword and a shield.

Unique Skills :

  • Psionic Touch: Psionic energies focused within your weapons will create a bone shattering resonance when they contact your enemies.
  • Trance of Empathy: Force enemies to share the damage they inflict upon you by forming a telepathic link to their minds that conveys only pain and siphons life in retribution. Only one trance can be active at a time.
  • Distortion Wave: A wave of force is projected outward that forms chaotic ripples in the fabric of reality and delivers devastating damage to the body and mind of enemies.
  • Distort Reality: Sends out a powerful ripple of distortion around the player that tears the fabric of reality, causing severe damage to enemies caught within it.

Recommended resistances: Burn, Damage and Reflect % of damage ability is also useful.

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