Updates a quest map marker in the quest log.

Fairytale messagebox info There is a lot to do before you can use this action in your quest.

See Questbuilding or Tutorial 04: Quest Objects for further instructions.


BulletPointTag (tag) Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, this tag represents the text behind the small check box. This tag is unique for every checkbox you want to add.
DescriptionTag (tag) Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, this tag represents the description text. If this parameter is empty, the description text keeps as it is.
DoCompleteBulletPoint (boolean) If true, the player is notified that the quest is finished, the checkbox in the quest UI window becomes checked. You should give the player his reward in the same trigger.
DoSound (boolean) If true, the quest step sound is played.

Icons-mini-arrow left The complete list of possible actions

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