The Village of Helos is the first town in Greece (Act I). Here you get to update and complete the first chapter of the main quest and also receive the first side quest.

You enter Helos from the Road to Helos in the south west, where Aeson, the local guard captain, welcomes you and tells you of the village's troubles. Behind him you will find the first Rebirth Fountain. Near the northern bridge stands Diomedes, the village elder. Talk to him to learn about a "powerful Satyr Shaman" threatening the farmlands of Helos. When he's done talking, a band of Satyrs will attempt to cross the northern bridge. The guards can handle them on their own, but you may participate in the fight to gain some extra experience. Across the nothern bridge lies the Helos Farmland, where you will find the Satyr Shaman.

When you have defeated the shaman, return to Diomedes to get a reward and to complete the first chapter. Diomedes will then ask you to seek General Leonidas in the Spartan War-Camp, thereby starting the second chapter, Spartans at War. If you haven't already, activate the first Portal near south-eastern exit, before leaving Helos to get to the next region, Laconia. When leaving the village, you will see a man named Nicostratus running towards the village. Talk to him to start the first side quest, Monstrous Brigands.

Note: You can actually leave the village through this exit before defeating the shaman - just talk to Lyerses. However, you still need to complete the first chapter in order to progress with the main quest line.

People Edit

  • Diomedes ~ Elder of Helos stands near the northern bridge. Talk to him to get an update on the main quest A Troubled Village. When you have defeated the satyr shaman, talk to him again to get your reward and to start the second chapter of the main quest line, Spartans at War.
  • Aeson ~ Guard Captain guards the south-western entrance and welcomes you to Helos, telling you that Diomedes is becoming frustrated over the satyr shaman and how Helos is coping with the monsters.
  • Midias ~ Villager stands next to the Rebirth Fountain and explains how they work.
  • Laches ~ Villager stands near the Portal and explains their function and mythological background. With Fanpatch version 1.1.16 or later installed, he can also recover the rewards for several bugged quests in the game.
  • Iolaus ~ Storyteller can be found in the western vineyard. He tells the tales of Herakles.
  • Hesione ~ Villager is a woman standing near the portal. She's worried about the monsters and will thank you, after you have defeated the shaman.
  • Eumolpus ~ Old Villager stands near the merchant. He can only be talked to after you have defeated the shaman and he will just thank you.
  • Lyerses ~ Lookout is a guard standing at the south-eastern exit to Laconia.
  • Nicostratus ~ Shepherd starts the first side quest, Monstrous Brigands.
  • Carcinus ~ Trader
  • Eratodes ~ Caravan Driver (Immortal Throne only)

Trivia Edit

Helos is a real Greek city. Legend states that it was founded by Helios the youngest son of the hero Perseus. Another legend takes it as the origin of the word 'helotes', the state-bound Lacedemonian working class, children of formerly war captives.